Luboš Mrkvička

Portrait of the composer Luboš Mrkvička. CD / Digital download / Free streaming Luboš Mrkvička (*1978) Mrkvička has taught at the composition department at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU) since 2006, teaching composition and theoretical subjects focused on 20th-century compositional techniques. Since 2006, he has also been active as a composition … Read more

Milan Guštar

Portrait of the composer Milan Guštar. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1963) Milan Guštar is a composer, artist, organologist, builder of electronic and electro-acoustic devices, and programmer. He is involved in interdisciplinary research on the boundaries of science, technology, and art, particularly in regard to mathematical and generative principles in art and music, the … Read more

Miloš Štědroň

Portrait of the composer Miloš Štědroň. CD on Bandcamp. (*1942) Miloš Štědroň is a Czech composer, musicologist, and pedagogue. He studied musicology and Czech literature at the Faculty of Arts of the J. E. Purkyně University in Brno and composition at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts. He has been a lecturer at the Masaryk University in Brno since … Read more

Pavel Zemek

Portrait of the composer Pavel Zemek. Listen to an excerpt on Bandcamp. Would you like to get this CD? Send us an e-mail. (*1957) Pavel Zemek (legal name Pavel Novák) is one of the few composers of whom we can say with certainty that he is marked by an exceptional degree of originality. For years, he … Read more

Petr Cígler

Portrait of the composer Petr Cígler. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1978) Petr Cígler is a composer, horn player, and chemist. Though he has no formal education in composition, he has devoted himself to it in collaboration with performers and festivals. For him, music counterbalances his vocation in science and inspires his work (he … Read more

Miroslav Pudlák

Portrait of the composer Miroslav Pudlák. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1961) CD 1. Intonarumori Concerto (2018) ….. 19:07 Opening Performance Orchestra – intonarumori, BERG Orchestra conducted by Peter Vrábel 2. Nocturne (1999) ….. 7:21 Lenka Šimková – flute, Kamil Doležal – clarinet, Zdeňka Pelikánová – violin, Jiří Richter – viola, Radek Širc – cello, Hanuš … Read more

Slavomír Hořínka

Portrait of the composer Slavomír Hořínka. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1980) A composer who works and lives in Prague with his wife and four children. His music is focused primarily on a reduction of means and transparency of structure. He often uses melodic lines, harmonies, or rhythms derived from sound analysis or music … Read more

Vít Zouhar

Portrait of the composer Vít Zouhar. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1966)   A Czech composer and musicologist who lectures at the PalackýUniversity in Olomouc. He studied composition at JAMU and the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz and musicology at the Masaryk University.He has composed six operas and over sixty instrumental … Read more

Ivo Medek

Portrait of the composer Ivo Medek. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1956) Ivo Medek has created more than 50 orchestral, chamber and electro-acousticcompositions, including five operas and feature-length multimedia projects. A numberof his works have been performed on prominent stages and at festivals in Europe, America and Asia (Warsaw Autumn, Darmstadt Summer Courses, World … Read more

Petr Kotík

Portrait of the composer Petr Kotík. CD / Digital download / Free streaming (*1942)   The composer, conductor and flutist Petr Kotík was educated in Prague and Vienna. In 1961, while at the Prague Conservatory, he founded the ensemble Musica viva pragensis (with which he performed until 1964) and, after returning from Vienna, the QUaX Ensemble … Read more