Milan Guštar

Portrait of the composer Milan Guštar.
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Milan Guštar is a composer, artist, organologist, builder of electronic and electro-acoustic devices, and programmer. He is involved in interdisciplinary research on the boundaries of science, technology, and art, particularly in regard to mathematical and generative principles in art and music, the theory of tonal systems, electronics, computer science, and applied mathematics. He has been using mathematical and algorithmical methods since the early 1980s to create his musical compositions, sonic and intermedia installations, and artworks, which often betray the influence of minimalism. He is active as a researcher and lecturer at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He has published in academic and popular publications and co-authored a number of books. He also wrote a two-volume encyclopedia, Elektrofony (Electrophones), which maps the history of electrophonic and electronic musical instruments over the course of a thousand pages, presenting an overview on their principles of operation in broader technological and historical contexts. Some of his works can be found at

1. Densatio in 128 edo for electronically manipulated virtual microtonal mechanical piano____21:16

2. Flex Nr. 33 – Do nut for K-S algorithm and sine waves____18:17

3. 240× Four Seasons for virtual piano and theremin (excerpt)____39:44