Slavomír Hořínka

Portrait of the composer Slavomír Hořínka.
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A composer who works and lives in Prague with his wife and four children. His music is focused primarily on a reduction of means and transparency of structure. He often uses melodic lines, harmonies, or rhythms derived from sound analysis or music without copyright (plainchant, ethnic music, etc.). In his most recent works, he has explored early instruments and the spatial aspect of music.

Hořínka is associate professor at the composition department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU). He graduated as a violinist from the Pardubice Conservatory. He then studied composition at HAMU with Ivan Kurz (1999–2004).
In 2008, he graduated from HAMU with a PhD in composition under the guidance of Hanuš Bartoň. His compositions have been performed by the Czech Philharmonic,the BERG Orchestra, the Bennewitz Quartet, Cappella Mariana, Tiburtina Ensemble, Solamente naturali and others on major stages both at home and abroad.

1. Trust in Heart (2016-2018) ….. 10:54
Magdalena Bajuszová – piano

2. A Pocket Guide to Bird Flight (2014-2015, version for large ensemble 2018) ….. 10:06
BERG Orchestra cond. by Peter Vrábel

3. Thursday and May the Lord Forgive You (2016) ….. 15:50
Markéta Cukrová – mezzo-soprano
Prague Modern cond. by Jan Rybář

4. Songs of Immigrants (2013-2014, rev. 2016) ….. 23:41
Bennewitz Quartet

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