Vít Zouhar

Portrait of the composer Vít Zouhar.
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A Czech composer and musicologist who lectures at the PalackýUniversity in Olomouc. He studied composition at JAMU and the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz and musicology at the Masaryk University.He has composed six operas and over sixty instrumental compositions, which include works for orchestra and chamber groups, as well as sound installations, audiovisual works, and music games. In 2001, Zouhar co-founded the Slyšetjinak (Different Hearing) programme, aimed at developing new and experimentalmethods of music education for children. His publications include Composing in the Classroom (with Ivo Medek and Jaromír Synek), Bohuslav Martinů’s Letters to Zdeněk Zouhar, and Postmodern Music? The German Debate at the End of the 20th Century.

1.–3. Close Encounters of the Wild at Heart
 (1993) ….. 16:56
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc cond. by Petr Šumník

4. Qual va, 3rd scene from the opera Coronide (2000) ….. 5:13
Ensemble Damian

5. Libosad – spring: so distant, so near (excerpt) (2016) ….. 4:40
Different Hearing Laptop Ensemble

6. Che non senta, 9th scene from the opera La Dafne (2011) ….. 4:54
Andrea Priechodská Široká, Petr Levíček, Stefan Kunath, Jana Wallingerová, David Nykl – voices Jan Čižmář, Josef Klíč, Ondrej Olos – instruments

7. Mente (2008) ….. 15:59
Peter Waterhouse – voice, Vít Zouhar – laptop

8. It Does However Seem Each Time (1992) ….. 8:03
Sonata a Tre

9. Arcadi (excerpt) (2014) ….. 7:40
Gabriela Coufalová, Tomáš Hanzlík, Šimon Hron, Jaromír Synek, Vít Zouhar – voices, instruments

10. Dunes II (1995) ….. 3:14
DAMA DAMA – Central European Percussion Ensemble

11. Plain (excerpt) (2017) ….. 9:30
Different Hearing Laptop Ensemble

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