Meetings of New Music Plus: premieres of pieces by Jiří Lukeš, Kamil Doležal, Hanuš Bartoň and Miroslav Pudlák

One of the guests of the 20. international festival of contemporary music and multimedia projects Meetings of New Music Plus, held between October 11 and December 6 in Brno, was the Prague-based ensemble MoEns. Their concert took place on November 9 at the Chamber Hall of the Faculty of Music of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

The programme consisted of four premieres – Jiří Lukeš’s “..about resonance..”, Kamil Doležal’s Lento Kopelento, Hanuš Bartoň’s a zdálky zněl menuet (“and minuet was sounding from afar”) and Miroslav Pudlák’s Intuitiva II. The ensemble was composed of Kamil Doležal – clarinet/bass clarinet, David Danel – violin, Balázs Adorján – violoncello, Hanuš Bartoň – piano and Jiří Lukeš, as a guest, on accordion, and conducted by Miroslav Pudlák.


9 November 2017, Chamber Hall, Faculty of Music of JAMU, Brno

Meetings of New Music Plus

Jiří Lukeš: “..o rezonanci..” (world premiere)

Kamil Doležal: Lento Kopelento (world premiere)

Hanuš Bartoň: a zdálky zněl menuet… (world premiere)

Miroslav Pudlák: Intuitiva II (world premiere)

MoEns, cond. Miroslav Pudlák