Lucie Vítková: Cock (world premiere)

12 September 2023, 7:30pm, Church of St Clement, Prague Echofluxx Lucie Vítková: Cock for bassoon and strings (world premiere) Prague Modern (Petr Sedlák – bassoon, David Danel – violin, Martina Matoušková – viola, Balázs Adorján – violoncello, Klára Pudláková – double bass)

Soňa Vetchá: Next Station – War (world premiere)

25 November 2022, 7pm, Anežka, Prague International Shakuhachi Festival Prague Soňa Vetchá: Next Station – War (world premiere) Reison Kuroda – shakuhachi, Annabelle Plum – voice, Balázs Adorján – violoncello

652. Tuesday of Umělecká beseda: new pieces by Terezie Švarcová and Ivan Kurz

22 March 2022, 7:30pm, Church of St Lawrence, Prague 652. Tuesday of Umělecká beseda Terezie Švarcová: Ai suoi caduti (To Our Fallen) for soprano, clarinet, violin and violoncello (world premiere) Ivan Kurz: Lamb of God, Mass ordinary for soprano and string quartet (world premiere) Terezie Švarcová – soprano, FAMA quartet (Daniel Danel, Roman Hranička – … Read more

Lukáš Matoušek: String Quartet (world premiere)

5 December 2021, 7:30pm, Church of St Lawrence, Prague Třídení Lukáš Matoušek: String Quartet (world premiere) fama Q (David Danel, Roman Hranička – violin, Ondřej Martinovský – viola, Balázs Adorján – violoncello)

Třídení 2021: new pieces by Miloš Haase, Jaroslav Rybář and Vlastislav Matoušek

4 December 2021, 4pm, Church of St Lawrence, Prague Třídení Miloš Haase: 2. String Quartet (world premiere) fama Q (David Danel, Roman Hranička – violin, Ondřej Martinovský – viola, Balázs Adorján – violoncello) Jaroslav Rybář: Seconds, songs for mezzosoprano and piano on poetry by Jan Skácel (world premiere) Michaela Palová – mezzosoprano, Eva Hutyrová – … Read more

MoEns: new pieces by Kamil Doležal, Hanuš Bartoň, Miroslav Pudlák and Michal Nejtek

26 November 2019, Gallery, Academy of the Performing Arts, Prague Kamil Doležal: Rituals (world premiere) Hanuš Bartoň: Torzo (world premiere) Miroslav Pudlák: Žena a had (world premiere) Michal Nejtek: Kvintet (world premiere) Daniel Mikolášek – percussion, MoEns (Kamil Doležal – clarinet, Roman Hranička – violin, Balázs Adorján – violoncello, Hanuš Bartoň – piano, Miroslav Pudlák – … Read more

MoEns ensemble: premieres of works by Miroslav Pudlák, Kamil Doležal and Jan Ryant Dřízal

1 November 2018, Chamber Music Hall, Faculty of Music, Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brno Meetings of New Music Plus Miroslav Pudlák: Intuitiva III (world premiere) Kamil Doležal: 44 (world premiere) Jan Ryant Dřízal: Lone objects (world premiere) Monika Knoblochová – harpsichord, MoEns (Kamil Doležal – clarinet, Roman Hranička – violin, Balázs Adorján – violoncello, Hanuš Bartoň – piano, Miroslav Pudlák – conductor)

The Beauty of Today. Czech premieres of chamber pieces by Miroslav Srnka

This year’s topic of The Beauty of Today, the contemporary music concert cycle organized by PKF – Prague Philharmonia, was Dualism in the Czech 21st Century, or, the relationship between a living, active composer and his (former) teacher or mentor. On the last of this season’s concerts, which was held on May 30 at the Experimental Space NoD, … Read more

Petr Kotík: Etude 7 (world premiere)

The third of the six evenings of the Beauty of Today, which is aoncert cycle organized by PKF – Prague Philharmonia, was dedicated to the composer, conductor, flautist and music organiser Petr Kotík who recently celebrated his 75th birthday. It took place on 8th February at NoD experimental space in Prague and the audience had a chance to … Read more