Dresden. Viktor Ullmann: The Emperor of Atlantis

Semperoper Dresden created a new production of a one-act chamber opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis (The Emperor of Atlantis), which had been composed by Viktor Ullmann between 1944-45 in the concentration camp Theresienstadt, less than 100 km away from Dresden. The premiere took place on 19 February in a less formal environment of the so-called Semper 2, a chamber hall accommodating 200 spectators, which is usually used for performing non-mainstream and experimental works.

The staging was created by Christiane Lutz, a successful Austrian opera director debuting in the Semperoper; the Projektorchester was conducted by Johannes Wulff-Woesten. The Semperoper’s baritone soloist Sebestian Wartig is starring as the Emperor while the other parts are sung by Matthias Henneberg (Loudspeaker), Simeon Esper (A soldier), Aaron Pegram (Pierrot), Emily Dorn (A maiden), Tilmann Rönnebeck (Death) and Gala El Hadidi / Antigone Papoulkas (Drummer girl). The show, which is sung in the original German, will be performed nine times in the period between 19 February and 6 March.


19 February 2016, Semper 2, Semperoper Dresden, Germany

next performances: 21. 2., 25. 2., 27. 2., 28. 2., 2. 3., 3. 3., 5. 3. and 6. 3. 2016

Viktor Ullmann: Der Kaiser von Atlantis (1943-1944) – premiere

Director: Christianne Lutz, conductor: Johannes Wulff-Woesten