Miroslav Srnka: Singularity (world premiere)

5 June 2021, 7pm, Cuvilliés-Theater, Munich Bayerische Staatsoper Miroslav Srnka: Singularity. A Space Opera for Young Voices (world premiere) Libretto: Tom Holloway Directed by: Nicolas Brieger, music director: Patrick Hahn Cast: Eliza Boom, Juliana Zara, Daria Proszek, Yajie Zhang, George Virban, Andres Agudelo, Andrew Hamilton, Theodore Platt & Klangforum Wien Language: English with English and … Read more

Ostrava Days. Miroslav Srnka: Make No Noise (Czech premiere)

One of the most eagerly anticipated events of this year’s Ostrava Days was undoubtedly the first Czech performance of Miroslav Srnka’s chamber opera Make No Noise. Written for five voices, thirteen instruments and electronics, the work was commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera and last time performed in August 2016 at the Austrian festival Bregenzer Festspiele. The libretto by … Read more

Make No Noise. Chamber opera by Miroslav Srnka at the Bregenzer Fespiele

The 71st year of the Bregenzer Festspiele festival (Vorarlberg, Austria) presented a new production of Make No Noise, chamber opera by a renowned Czech composer Miroslav Srnka. Directed by Johannes Erath, it was performed on 17 and 19 August in the modern Werkstattbühne hall. Commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera, Make No Noise was written in 2011 … Read more