Forfest festival: new pieces for clarinet solo

19 June 2020, church of St. John the Baptist, Kroměříž Forfest Martin Wiesner: Miniature (world premiere) Josef Adamík: Monologue (world premiere) Jana Vöröšová: On the Surface (world premiere) Jiří Mráz – clarinet

Jiří Lukeš: Ichimoku cloud (world premiere)

29 June 2019, Assembly Hall, Chateau Kroměříž, Kroměříž Forfest Jiří Lukeš: Ichimoku cloud (world premiere) Ensemble Konvergence (Jiří Mráz – clarinet, Matěj Vlk, Irena Štochlová – violin, Ondřej Štochl – viola, Tomáš Novák – double bass, Egli Prifti – piano, Jan Tuláček – guitar)

Ian Mikyska: All Ending (world premiere)

The composers’ association Konvergence dedicated this year’s last concert to the youngest generation of Czech composers and composition students. It was held on 12 December, as usually in St. Lawrence Church in Lesser Town, Prague. The evening was closed with the world premiere of All Ending, a piece by composer, director, poet and translator Ian Mikyska (*1994), performed … Read more

Tomáš Pálka and Michaela Pálka Plachká. Premieres at the Konvergence concert

Held on June 15 in the traditional venue of St Lawrence Church in Prague, the last pre-summer concert of the Konvergence composers’ association was one of a very intimate atmosphere. The chief performers were Simon and Felix Nagl brothers (cello, piano), whom the evening’s dramaturges and founding Konvergence members Tomáš Pálka and Michaela Pálka Plachká, met in … Read more

Michal Rataj: Running for Breath (world premiere)

Held on 6th December at the Saint Lawrence Church, Prague, this year’s last concert of the composers’ association Konvergence was focused exclusively on Czech contemporary music. Six pieces on the program involved Michal Rataj’s Running For Breath. This piano solo composition was written already in 2013 but it was not until now that it received its world … Read more