Michal Rataj: Running for Breath (world premiere)

Held on 6th December at the Saint Lawrence Church, Prague, this year’s last concert of the composers’ association Konvergence was focused exclusively on Czech contemporary music. Six pieces on the program involved Michal Rataj’s Running For Breath. This piano solo composition was written already in 2013 but it was not until now that it received its world premiere. The piece is dedicated to Eva Huterová who was performing.

As for the dramaturgy, the idea was to let the music by composition students sound next that of their teachers. Konvergence ensemble then, this time comprising of Irena Štochlová (violin, Ondřej Štochl (viola), Jiří Mráz (clarinet), Jan Tuláček (guitar) and the above mentioned Hutyrová, also performed Mountains, Meadows, Cows by Rataj’s student Michaela Pálka Plachká. They also played music by Jáchym Novotný and his teacher Ondřej Štochl as well as by the 17year old Jiří Dvořák and Pavel Zemek Novák.


6 December 2016, St Lawrence Church, Prague

Michal Rataj: Running For Breath (world premiere)

piano: Eva Hutyrová