Jiří Pavlica: Moravian Dances (world premiere)

On 10 March at the Zlín Congress Centre, Bohuslav Martinů Phlharmonic Orchestra premiered a new orchestral piece by Jiří Pavlica, a violinist and composer whose musical language, though oscillating between various genres, is influenced especially by folk music. The Moravian Dances orchestral suite, too, derives from folk dances from different Moravian regions (Haná, Moravian Slovakia, “odzemek” from Valašsko etc.).

During the second half of the hopelessly sold-out concert Pavlica’s band Hradišťan, accompanied by the orchestra, performed some of their repertoire’s well-known songs. Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra, which has a long history of collaboration with this composer, was conducted by Stanislav Kořínek. The concert was one of the several special events commemmorating 70 years of the orchestra’s existence.


10 March 2016, Zlin Congress Centre, Zlín

Jiří Pavlica: Moravian Dances – world premiere

Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Stanislav Vavřínek