Pavel Zlámal: Great Glory (world premiere)

16 June 2023, 7pm, Besední dům, Brno Exposition of New Music: Here and Now Pavel Zlámal: Great Glory (world premiere commissioned by the festival) Pavel Zlámal Contemporary Ensemble (Pavel Zlámal – clarinet, saxophone, Jan Jirucha – trombone, Jan Nepodal – percussion, Kristýna Švihálková – steel drum, saw, percussion, Jozef Zimka – trumpet, Jiří Kalousek – … Read more

Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra: new pieces by Luboš Soukup and Vít Křišťan

11 May 2023, 7:30pm, DOX+, Prague In a Moment Luboš Soukup: Scandinavian Impressions (world premiere) Luboš Soukup – saxophone, David Dorůžka – guitar, Thommy Andersson – double bass, Kamil Slezák – percussion, Concept Art Orchestra (production Štěpánka Balcarová), Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Bastien Stil Vít Kříšťan: Mandala, suite for piano, voice and extended orchestra (world … Read more

Jiří Levíček, Chaazi Levíček: Morana (world premiere)

20 October 2022, 7:30pm, DOX+, Prague In Between Worlds Jiří Levíček, Chaazi Levíček: Morana. Song cycle for mezzo-soprano, violin, piano and symphony orchestra (world premiere) Chaazi Levíček – mezzosoprano, Milan Paľa – violin, Jiří Levíček – piano, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Bastien Stil

Emil Viklický: Reflections on Freedom (world premiere)

24 June 2022, 8pm, Castle Riding Hall, Litomyšl Smetana’s Litomyšl: Jazz Ride in the Riding Hall Emil Viklický: Reflections on Freedom. A jazz melodrama with a libretto based on texts and ideas of Václav Havel (such as The Power of the Powerless, Audience, On Freedom) and excerpts from a book by American historian Timothy Snyder On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons … Read more

Jazz Poetry. New pieces by Martin Brunner and Štěpánka Balcarová

10 February 2022, 7:30pm, DOX+, Prague Jazz Poetry. A combination of poetry, jazz music and a symphony orchestra Martin Brunner: Own Moment, a series of poems by Věra Koubová put to music for voice, orchestra and two improvising soloists (world premiere) Markéta Foukalová – voice, Vít Křišťan – piano Fender Rhodes, Martin Brunner – piano, Prague Radio Symphony … Read more

Jazz Goes to Town: new pieces by Michal Nejtek and Peter Graham

16 October 2021, 8pm, The Philharmonic Orchestra of Hradec Králové Jazz Goes to Town Michal Nejtek: Lost Rituals (world premiere commissioned by the festival) Peter Graham: JOGOTOTO (Joy Goes to Town) (world premiere commissioned by the festival) Sofia Jernberg – vocals, Frank Gratkowski – saxophone, Susana Santos Silva – trumpet, Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. … Read more