Jiří Levíček, Chaazi Levíček: Morana (world premiere)

20 October 2022, 7:30pm, DOX+, Prague In Between Worlds Jiří Levíček, Chaazi Levíček: Morana. Song cycle for mezzo-soprano, violin, piano and symphony orchestra (world premiere) Chaazi Levíček – mezzosoprano, Milan Paľa – violin, Jiří Levíček – piano, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Bastien Stil

Emil Viklický: Reflections on Freedom (world premiere)

24 June 2022, 8pm, Castle Riding Hall, Litomyšl Smetana’s Litomyšl: Jazz Ride in the Riding Hall Emil Viklický: Reflections on Freedom. A jazz melodrama with a libretto based on texts and ideas of Václav Havel (such as The Power of the Powerless, Audience, On Freedom) and excerpts from a book by American historian Timothy Snyder On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons … Read more

Jazz Poetry. New pieces by Martin Brunner and Štěpánka Balcarová

10 February 2022, 7:30pm, DOX+, Prague Jazz Poetry. A combination of poetry, jazz music and a symphony orchestra Martin Brunner: Own Moment, a series of poems by Věra Koubová put to music for voice, orchestra and two improvising soloists (world premiere) Markéta Foukalová – voice, Vít Křišťan – piano Fender Rhodes, Martin Brunner – piano, Prague Radio Symphony … Read more

Jazz Goes to Town: new pieces by Michal Nejtek and Peter Graham

16 October 2021, 8pm, The Philharmonic Orchestra of Hradec Králové Jazz Goes to Town Michal Nejtek: Lost Rituals (world premiere commissioned by the festival) Peter Graham: JOGOTOTO (Joy Goes to Town) (world premiere commissioned by the festival) Sofia Jernberg – vocals, Frank Gratkowski – saxophone, Susana Santos Silva – trumpet, Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. … Read more

Marko Ivanović: Little Words (world premiere)

As a part of their 49th season, the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice introduced Little Words, a new song cycle by composer and the orchestra’s former music director Marko Ivanović (*1976). The piece attracted the attention of the Prague Spring festival, too; that is why the audience in the Suk Hall of Pardubice’s Dům hudby on 19 February had a chance … Read more

Miloš Orson Štědroň: Don Hrabal (world premiere)

On 14 December, the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague premiered the second opera by composer, and this time also a librettist Miloš Orson Štědroň (*1973). Subtitled “Poetic Images from the Life of Bohumil Hrabal”, Don Hrabal reveals, in nine images, the personality and attitudes of this famous Czech authorr, as well as the background of his relationship … Read more