Michal Nejtek: Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World (world premiere)

National Theatre Brno opened this year’s season by releasing Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World, an original Czech opera by composer Michal Nejtek and librettist Jiří Adámek, who is also the director. The piece is based on Jean-Luc Lagarce’s (1957-1995) drama for a solo actress, which introduces the spectators to the etiquette rules, as established in the 19th century, from the moment of birth to death.

These, from today’s perspective outdated and oftentimes utterly absurd, recommendations are sung out by four singers (Marta Reichelová, Daniela Straková-Šedrlová – soprano, Jitka Klečanská – mezzosoprano and Josef Škarka – bass), while these simultaneously keep failing in following them. This leads to grotesque and explosive situations expressing the discrepancy between the seemingly ideal life and reality, which is enhanced by actor Petr Vančura’s impudently interefering as cowboy, bride, priest or Pierrot. The Orchestra of the Janáček Opera is conducted by Pavel Šnajdr. The premiere, held on September 15 in Reduta, will be followed by seven repeat performances in the 2017/18 season. 


15 September 2017, Reduta, Brno

Michal Nejtek: Rules for Good Manners in the Modern World (world premiere)

directed by: Jiří Adámek, music director: Pavel Šnajdr

following performances: Sep 17 and 22, Oct 26 and 28 2017, Jan 20, 28 and 30 2018