Kateřina Horká: Mosaic (world premiere)

At the fifth of eight concerts of Podkrkonošské hudební léto festival, world premiere was given to Mosaics, a piece for violin, clarinet and piano by composer Kateřina Horká (*1993). A young student of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague wrote it in autumn 2016, encouraged by the festival’s directress, violinist Ludmila Pavlová.

The 15-minute-long piece in 3 movements was performed on July 21 in Lázně Bělohrad by the Mucha trio, in which Pavlová plays together with other two young talented musicians Johanna Haníková on piano and Anna Paulová, laureate of the Prague Spring International Music Competition, on clarinet. They also performed pieces by B. Smetana, J. Brahms and W. von Baussern.

As far as other contemporary compositions are concerned, on June 30, the festival audience had a chance to hear On the Wings of Dragonfly from 2012 by Jan Ryant Dřízal.


21 July 2017, Lázně Bělohrad

Podkrkonošské hudební léto

Kateřina Horká: Mosaics (world premiere)

Mucha Trio – Anna Paulová (clarinet), Ludmila Pavlová (violin), Johanna Haniková (piano)