Jaroslav Pelikán: Confessione cantata on a text by St. Augustine

The second of the ten concerts held by the Treasures of the Broumov region festival (12th year, Jul 1 – Sep 2) was dedicated to pieces deposited in the musical archive of the Broumov monastery. They were performed by Musica Braunensis ensemble which was established with the objective to play specifically this, often unknown or long-forgotten repertory.

The concert was held on June 8 in the Church of Saint Michael in Vernéřovice, little village on the Polish border, yet attended by more than 300 people. They had a chance to listen to spiritual works by W. A. Mozart as well as lesser-known authors such as P. I. Friedrich (1719 – 1788) or V. Fechner (1725 – 1801). The evening was closed by the world premiere of Confessione cantata on a text by St. Augustine by composer and flutist Jaroslav Pelikán (*1970). It was performed by a quartet of singers Stanislava Mihalcová (soprano), Jaroslava Balážová (alto), Jakub Kos (tenor) and Jakub Hrubý (bass) and Musica Braunensis consisting of Milan Al-Ashnab, Pavla Franců (violin), Karel Untermüller (viola), Lukáš Polák (cello) and the author himself on flute. The conductor was Zdeněk Klauda.


8 July 2017, Church of St. Michael, Vernéřovice

Treasures of the Broumov region

Jaroslav Pelikán: Confessione cantata on a text by St. Augustine for solo quartet and chamber ensemble (world premiere)

Musica Braunensis, cond. Zdeněk Klauda