Radim Bednařík: Microworlds IX (world premiere)

7 December 2020, 7pm, online stream from Löw-Beer Villa, Brno (stream link will be announced on www.operadiversa.cz) Radim Bednařík: Microworlds IX (world premiere) Trio Aperto (Barbora Šteflová – oboe, Jan Charfreitag – clarinet, Pavel Horák – bassoon)   Other pieces on the programme are by Miloš Štědroň, Dalibor Spilka, Evžen Zámečník and Vojtěch Dlask.

Ensemble Opera Diversa. Premieres of pieces by Radim Bednařík and Miloš Štědroň

Held on 6th February in Reduta, this year’s first orchestral concert by the Brno-based Ensemble Opera Diversa not only celebrated Miloš Štědroň’s 75th birthday but also served as a unique display of music by contemporary Czech and Moravian composers. Led by Gabriela Tardonová, the ensemble performed 6 pieces for strings, none of which was written more than twenty … Read more