KOTIK@80. World premieres for Petr Kotík

26 April 2022, 7pm, PLATO, Ostrava 28 April 2022, 19:00, DOX+, Prague KOTIK@80. World premieres for Petr Kotík on the occasion of his 80th birthday Christian Wolff: Small World (2022) Bernhard Lang: Game 12 (2021) Petr Cígler: Rattlesnake No. 1 (2022) Petr Bakla: Two Instances (2016) Phill Niblock: Petr’s Charm (2021) Daniel Skála: Petram (2022) Ana Sokolović: Holub-Ježek-Kočka (2022) Anna Heflin:  Such … Read more

Petr Cígler: Horn Concerto (world premiere)

28 August 2021, 6pm, Triple Hall Carolina, Ostrava Ostrava Days Closing Concert Petr Cígler: Horn Concerto (world premiere) Ondřej Vrabec – French horn, PKF – Prague Philharmonie, cond. Roland Kluttig

Petr Cígler: Music for Sirens

5 August 2020, 11:50am, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS, Prague Music for Sirens… micro-concerts with emergency siren test Siren 2020 Concept / music: Petr Cígler (world premiere) Kamila Moťková, Anna Škreptáčová – oboe, Lukáš Moťka, Stanislav Penk – alt trombone, Lukáš Brabec – percussion, cond. Peter Vrábel

Ostrava Days: new pieces by Petr Cígler and Michal Rataj

25 August 2019, Triple Hall Karolina, Ostrava Ostrava Days Petr Cígler: Horn Concerto, 1st movement (world premiere) Michal Rataj: MOVIS (world premiere) Ondřej Vrabec – French horn, Daan Vandewalle – piano, ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra, cond. Bruno Ferrandis

Ostrava days: premieres of pieces by Petr Cígler, Petr Bakla and Michal Rataj

As would be expected, the 10 days and 22 concerts of the 9th year of the contemporary music biennale Ostrava days included several Czech premieres. From those by Czech authors they were first of all the chamber Nothing is Free by Petr Cígler, September by Petr Bakla and The Long Sentence II by Michal Rataj. All of them were performed during … Read more

Petr Cígler: Protracted Sinuous Movement of a Longitudinal Object (world premiere)

NODO – New Opera Days Ostrava presented a world premiere of Protracted Sinuous Movement of a Longitudinal Object , an opera by a composer and scientist Petr Cígler which was written directly for the festival. The performance took place on June 29 at the Antonín Dvořák Theatre. Petr Odo Macháček’s libretto explores the relations between a woman, a man, and a rattlesnake in a common … Read more