Peter Graham and Luboš Mrkvička: new pieces for piano trio

5 March 2024, 7:30pm, Atrium Žižkov, Prague New Music in the Atrium Peter Graham: Trio (world premiere) Luboš Mrkvička: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (world premiere) Neues Klaviertrio Dresden (Uta-Maria Lempert – violin, Matthias Lorenz – violoncello, Clemens  Hund-Göschel – piano)

Petr Bakla: Something with something else III (world premiere)

As a teaser for the upcoming Ostrava Days festival, Ostrava witnessed a recital by the German cellist and Ostravská banda member Matthias Lorenz. It was hosted by the PLATO Ostrava art organization which, at the moment, has its residence in the former Bauhaus hobby market; and it was here, on May 15, that Lorenz performed Nomos Alpha … Read more