Marko Ivanović: Monument (world premiere)

7 February 2020, Janáček Theatre, Brno Marko Ivanović: Monument (world premiere) Directed by: David Radok, music director: Marko Ivanović, libretto: David Radok Cast: Svatopluk Sem (Sculptor), Markéta Cukrová (Wife), Roman Hoza (Colleague), Ondřej Koplík (Minister of culture), David Nykl (1. secretary), Martina Mádlová (1. secretary’s wife) a and others Following performances: 28 and 29 Feb 2020

Days of Contemporary Music: week 4 and 5

Three concerts took place during the fourth week of the Days of Contemporary Music festival. All of them were held at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with fifteen of the twenty pieces presented enjoying their world premiere. The program on November 21 consisted exclusively of chamber music. Pallets and Shading by Jiří Bezděk … Read more