Lukáš Sommer: Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra

On 28 and 29 March in St Anna’s Church, České Budějovice, the South Czech Philharmonic presented the world premiere of Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra by the Budějovice-born composer and guitarist Lukáš Sommer (*1984). The solo part was performed by a leading Czech oboist Vilém Veverka. The four-movement concerto was a perfect choice for the Easter time – optimistic, … Read more

Jiří Lukeš: Bukolika (world premiere)

On September 13, the South Czech Philharmonic opened its 37th season with a concert at the Theatre Hall of Metropol, České Budějovice. A part of it was a world premiere of a new piece by composer and accordionist Jiří Lukeš. As the title suggest, Bukolika was inspired chiefly by commonly occurring natural phenomena (rain, wind, fog…). The author argues, however, … Read more

František Lukáš: Flames of Memories (world premiere)

At their last subscription concert, the South Czech Philharmonic gave world premiere to Flames of Memories, an orchestral piece by composer and concert guitarist František Lukáš (*1977). The evening took place on 23rd March at the Theatre hall of the Metropol congress centre. The other pieces on the program included the famous Piano Concerto No. … Read more

Pavel Fischer: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (world premiere)

On May 25 at the Saint Anna’s Church in České Budějovice, the South Czech Philharmonic gave world premiere to a Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by a violinist and composer Pavel Fischer (*1965). The piece is dedicated to Helena Jiříkovská who recently replaced Fischer in the position of the Škampa Quartet’s first violinist which he had been holding for … Read more