The Joseph Haydn International Youth Competition Vienna

The Joseph Haydn International Youth Competition Vienna is an event of the HUMAN Commercial Agency KG and its partners.

The participants are divided into age groups and thus into competition groups as follows:

  1. Group A – from 6 to 7 years
  2. Group B – from 8 to 10 years
  3. Group C – from 11 to 13 years
  4. Group D – from 14 to 17 yearspage1image10596160

If the participant already belongs to the older group at the time of the start of the competition (registration 1st round) or at the time of the start of the 2nd round, the age difference of max 4 (four) months is tolerated.

The amount and type of the main prizes are valid as published on


  1.  The support prizes are:
    1. Violin group independentAt the choice of the winner: Voucher for sheet music worth € 50 or string accessories from well-known manufacturers, e.g. strings.
    2. Piano group independent Voucher for sheet music worth € 50
  2. 10% of the participants (including the winners of the main prizes) who were admitted to the 2nd round by the pre-jury and who took part in the 2nd round will receive the support prizes from the jury or pre-jury.


  1. The special prizes are donated and awarded by jury members and sponsors.
  2. The number of special prizes is limited and is decided and announced separately by the organizer for each event of the competition.

During and after the competition, participants can receive invitations to concerts, seminars, master classes and other events with professional musicians.


  1. Pre-registration
    1. The pre-registration for the competition is available online at
    2. When pre-registering, a fee of € 5 must be paid via PayPal at
    3. With the pre-registration, the participant is added to the waiting list and, when the required number of participants is reached, he will be informed by email about the start of registration for the 1st round.
    4. The participant is allowed to submit his video recording for registration for the 1st round of the competition when pre-registering.
  2. Registration 1st round

Registration for the first round takes place online at