Strassbourg: “The Diary of One Who Disappeared” in new orchestration

15 March 2022, Opéra National du Rhin, Strassbourg

Arsmondo Roma Festival

Leoš Janáček, Arthur Lavandier: The Diary of One Who Disappeared (premiere of a new orchestral version)

Directed by: Daniel Fish, music director: Łukasz Borowicz

Cast: Magnus Vigilius (Janík), Josy Santos / Adriana Bignagni Lesca (Zefka)

Orchestre symphonique de Mulhouse, Chœur de l’Opéra national du Rhin (choirmaster: Alessandro Zuppardo)

Language: Czech with French and German subtitles

Following performances: Strassbourg – 17, 20, 22 and 24 March; Mulhouse, Théâtre de la Sinne à Mulhouse – 1 and 3 Apr 2022