I-Park’s 2022 General Residency Program 2022

I-Park Accepting Applications for 2022 Music Composition/Sound Art Residencies

I-Park is now accepting applications for its fully-funded multi-disciplinary artists’ residencies. This fully-funded multi-disciplinary program is open to composers and sound artists looking to enrich their practice in a collegial, retreat-like setting in the company of artists working in the visual arts, creative writing, moving image/new media and architecture/landscape design.

This residency is suitable for individuals focused on concert music (all forms), jazz, popular and electronic music, sound sculpture/design, media scoring and instrument design/fabrication. While the typical residency revolves around studio work, those wishing to create mixed-media pieces or sound installations within I-Park’s natural and built environments are encouraged to do so. I-Park’s composers’ studios are equipped with pianos, digital keyboards/controllers, a collection of percussion and obscure instruments and hardware for recording, sequencing and sound manipulation.

Details and application forms are available at http://www.i-park.org/2022grp. Applications are due January 17, 2022 and carry a $35 fee to help defray the cost of the selection panels. This year, I-Park will also be offering $500 travel grants to four international residents residing outside North America, based on need.  For further information, contact or 860-873-2468.