V. International Uuno Klami Composition Competition

V International Uuno Klami Composition Competition will be held between 2023-2024. The International Uuno Klami Composition Competition has attracted an astounding number of entries: 117 from 23 countries the first time it was held, 186 from 27 countries the second time, and 265 from 37 countries on the third occasion. In the fourth edition, a record number … Read more

Azrieli Music Prizes 2024

The Azrieli Foundation has launched the biennial Azrieli Music Prizes (AMP) call for submissions to composers across Canada and around the world. With this fifth edition, AMP is seeking scores and proposals for a cappella choral works that match the forces of its Performance Partner – the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal Chorus. Submissions may include up … Read more

Contemporary Music, Present and Future

Third International Symposium of Contemporary Music Research Conference date: May 27th 2023 Deadline for papers and compositions: March 10th 2023 Note that we especially welcome papers with a musicological/performative emphasis, in addition to presentations from composers on their own work. All symposium events will be held online. Papers will subsequently be published in the Symposium Proceedings, … Read more

2023 Artists-in-Residence Program I-Park for Composers and Sound Artists

I-Park’s Composers + Musicians Collaborative Music Residency seeks to identify an international group of composers who will appreciate, or are open to being persuaded of, the value of establishing an immersive, collegial relationship with the musicians who will be performing their pieces at their world premieres. Application Deadline: January 9, 2023 I-Park is soliciting applications … Read more

Poslední letošní číslo CMQ právě vyšlo

Právě vyšlo nové číslo magazínu Czech Music Quarterly 4/2022. Nenechte si ujít např. rozhovor s Jakubem Michlem nebo vzpomínku na Libora Peška. Jeho elektronickou verzi si můžete zakoupit online přes Payhip.

16. Competition of Composing Contemporary Sacred Music

To promote contemporary sacred music, every two years the “Festival European Sacred Music Schwaebisch Gmuend“ (Germany) organizes a com- petition of composing alternating with ordering a composition by a chosen composer. For the year 2023 the festival organizes a competition of composing and provides a prize of 2,000 EUR. For the 2023 festival a work for a boys choir (SATB) is to … Read more

Skladatelská soutěž “Citta’ di Udine”

Four sections: – compositions for chamber instrumental group – compositions for solo instrument – compositions for electroacoustic music (Fixed media music) – audio visual projects Deadline: April 30th 2023 More info on www.taukay.it Contacts:

Časopis CMQ 3/2022 a jeho podzimní vydání v distribuci

Právě vychází nové číslo magazínu Czech Music Quarterly 3/2022. Nenechte si ujít rozhovor s Janem Bartošem a také Garethem Davisem. Jeho elektronickou verzi si můžete zakoupit online přes Payhip. Součástí tištěné verze je CD zdarma – Ostrava Days Live 2019-2021.

Letní číslo CMQ 2/2022 právě vychází!

Právě vychází nové číslo magazínu Czech Music Quarterly 2/2022. Nenechte si ujít rozhovor s dramaturgem Josefem Třeštíkem a další zajímavé články o české hudbě. Jeho elektronickou verzi si můžete zakoupit online přes Payhip.

European Music Competition 2022 in Luxembourg

European competition for low brass instruments and singing November 13th, 2022 at the Conservatoire of Luxembourg, organized by the school of music of the “Union Grand-Duc Adolphe” (UGDA). We would by grateful for your kind co-operation in bringing this information to the attention of interested musicians of your region/musical environment. Information can be downloaded from www.ugda.lu/ecole-de-musique (Concours Jeunes … Read more