Feld Jindřich



Jindřich Feld was born into a musical family. His father was a renowned professor of violin at the Prague Conservatory, his mother was also violinist, so there were innumerable opportunities to hear music performed during Jindrich Feld's childhood. He studied violin and viola with his father, enjoyed playing chamber music, but his life-long interest has been centered in musical composition. His formal training in composition was at the Prague Conservatory and at the Academy of Music, where he graduated in 1952. In the same year he earned the Ph.D. from the Charles University in Prague with majors in musicology, aesthetics and philosophy.
For a number of years he was a free-lance composer. In the late 1950's his compositions began to attract considerable international attention, and he has since received numerous commissions. As his music was gradually given performances in many musical centres of the world, his contacts with Czech and foreign musicians often motivated him to write new works for them. This is apparently what is behind his love for instrumental music, both orchestral and chamber, which has so far constituted the main focus of his compositional efforts.
Feld's output of musical works may be divided into three periods. The first of these reflects the composer's ties with the tradition of European and especially Czech music, and is exemplified by his graduation work, Concerto for Orchestra. It already shows the author's characteristic features: tonal basis of his harmony, formal clarity, sense of instrumental virtuosity, rhythmic vitality etc. These were developed further, in particular, in his Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1954), performed by Jean-Pierre Rampal, and the Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (1958). In 1956 he also wrote what was his only stage work, a children's opera "The Postman's Tale".
The second period evolved in the sixties and can be characterized by a very individual amalgamation of his personal style with the modern technical methods of composition (dodecaphony, serial technique, aleatorics etc), what contributed to the stylistic crystallization of his creative output. The two most important compositions of this period are the String Quartet No. 4 (1965), extensively perfomed by the Smetana and many other quartets, for which he was awarded the State Prize in 1968, and the Symphony No. 1 (1967), which has been performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Antonio de Almeida. Other works of this period that exemplify the Feld's sense for architectural proportions, effective instrumentation, rhythmical pulsation etc., are the Suite for String Chamber Orchestra, which was also produced as an abstract ballet in Hannover in 1963 with the choreography by Yvonne Georgi, or Three Frescoes for Orchestra, performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and also the Dramatic Fantasy "The Days of August", composed in 1968-69 as a protest against the soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. This work was premiered in Adelaide (South Australia) by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra conducted by Henry Krips in August 1969, on the first anniversary of this brutal act.
Feld's third period, comprising the production of the seventies and eighties, can be considered a synthesis of his creative activity characterized by further intensification of both content and expression. The most important works of this period are Concertos for Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Harp and others, String Quartet No. 5, Saxophone Quartet, Symphony No. 2 or "Laus Cantus" for Soprano Voice and String Quartet, dedicated to the memory of J. S. Bach (1985). His largest and most important work is the oratorio-cantata "COSMAE CHRONICA BOEMORUM", composed on a medieval latin text by the first Czech chronicler Cosmas (+ 1125), depicting the oldest events of the early Czech history.
Jindrich Feld continues to add to his cantalogue many varied works. Among these are several pieces for flute (e.g. Concert Fantasy for Flute and String Orchestra, written for the "International Competition J. P. Rampal, Paris 1980") and also other wind instruments, accordions, percussion instruments, various ensembles etc. Mention should be made also of his vocal compositions and many instructive or small instrumental pieces.
In 1968 and 1969 Jindrich Feld accepted an invitation to be Guest Professor of Composition at the Adelaide University in Australia. He continued his interest in teaching at the Prague Conservatory, where he was Professor of Composition from 1972 until 1986. He was guest lecturer at Indiana University (Bloomington, USA) in 1981 and 1984. He lectured also at several other American universities as well as in Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, England or in 1991 in Japan. He is recipient of numerous prizes in various competitions in Czechoslovakia and other countries. Since the Czechoslovak democratic revolution in November 1989 he has been active as a key member of several committees and organizations in his country (e.g. "Association of Czech Musicians and Musicologists"). In 1990 he accepted the position of Head of the Music Department of the Czechoslovak Radio, until 1992.
The most important Feld's works composed in the nineties are: The String Quartet No. 6. dedicated to the Prazak Quartet, "Quintetto capriccioso " for Flute, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Harp (for the Instrumental Quintet of London) and others. We find in his catalogue also works for wind band, in 1998 he completed his most important work of the last period, Symphony No. 3 "Fin de siecle", followed in 2001 by the Sinfonietta with the subtitle "Pour les temps d'harmonie", commissioned by Radio France.
Several works have been published and recorded on LP and CD under different labels: RCA Victor - BMG Music, PRAGA-Harmonia Mundi, PANTON-Prague, UPBEAT Classics, PAVANE Rec., CRYSTAL Records Inc., VLTAVA-Czech Radio, ABC Classics, RIAX Inc. etc.


Orchestral Music

Divertimento for string orchestra (1950), CHF 23'
Furiant for symphony Orchestra (1950), CHF 4'
Concerto for orchestra (1951, recomposed 1957), CHF 40'
Comedy Overture (1953), CHF 6'
Concerto in C for chamber orchestra (1957), SHV 17'
Dramatic Overture "May 1945" (1960), CHF 11'
Suite for String Chamber Orchestra (1961), Leduc 14'
Thuringian Overture for Symphony Orchestra (1961), CHF 10'
Three Frescoes for Symphony Orchestra (1963), SHV, r SU, PRAGA - CDM Harmonia Mundi (CD) 16'
"Serenata giocosa per orchestra da camera " (1966), EM 11'
Symphony No.1 for Symphony Orchestra (1967), EdS, r SU, Serenus, PRAGA-CDM HM (CD) 21'
Dramatic Fantasy "The Days of August" for Symphony Orchestra (1968-69), PA, r PA; PRAGA CDM HM (CD) 8'
Chamber Sinfonietta for Strings (1971), EdS 19'
"Partita piccola" for Accordion Orchestra (1976), Preissler, r Mirasound 9'
Evocations for Accordion Orchestra and Percussion Instruments (1978), Deffner - Preissler, r V.Cuchran (CD), 18'
Serenade for String Chamber Orchestra (1979), CHF, r PA 15'
Symphony No.2 (1983), EdS, r PA 23'
H.C. Andersen's Fairy Tales for Accordion Orchestra (1984), Preissler 22'
Fresco for Symphony Wind Band (1985), MMB 5'
"COSMAE CHRONICA BOEMORUM", Oratorio-Cantata for Soli, Mixed Chorus and Symphony Orchestra /on latin text, narrated in Czech or other language), (1988), CHF, r VLTAVA (CD) 70'
Joyful Overture for Symphony Wind Band (1996), EdS 6'
Divertimento for Wind Orchestra (1997) Ludwig Music, r Brolga (distr. Ludwig) (CD) 9'
Symphony No. 3 "Fin de siecle" (1994 - 98), EBP 31'
Festive American Fantasy for large orchestra, Wind Band, Mixed Choir and Saxophone Solo, (1999), r Century Records, (CD) 8'
Cassation for String Chamber Orchestra (2000), 6'
Concert Music for Flute Orchestra (2000), Notissimo, 15'
Sinfonietta for symphony orchestra "Pour les temps d'harmonie" (2001), PA, 18'

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1954), SHV, r SU, CD Serenus, Pavane (CD), 31'
Rhapsody for Violin and Wind Orchestra (1956), SHV, r SU 11'
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (1958), PA, r SU, CD Czech Radio  29'
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (1959), Leduc 18'
Concert Music for Oboe, Bassoon and Orchestra (1964), Sonzogno 11'
Sonata for Flute and String Orchestra (1957, instrum.1965), Leduc 18'
Concert Piece for Horn and Orchestra (1966), Leduc 6'
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (1970), Leduc, CD Czech Radio /Radioservis/ 16'
Concert Suite for Bass Clarinet, Piano, Strings and Percussion (1972), EM 11'
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1973), PA, r PA, Serenus 29'
Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra (1975), EdS 18'
Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra (1975), B.Schirmer-Preissler , CD V.Cuchran - Pigini  17'
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1977), EdS, CD Czech Radio /CRo/  28'
Concert Fantasy for Flute, String Orchestra and Percussion (1980) Leduc, CD Pavane  9'
Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (1980), CHF, Billaudot, r RIAX (CD) 24'
Concerto for Saxophone and Symphonic Winds (instrum. 1984), Billaudot 24'
Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (1982), PA, r SU 25'
Concertino for Flute, Piano and Orchestra (1991), Leduc, r Pavane (CD), 27'
Two Compositions for Violoncello and Orchestra (Elegy and Burlesque), (1992), PA 9'
Concertino for Violoncello and String Chamber Orchestra, (1999), Triga, 16'
American Concertino for Soprano Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra, (2002), Billaudot, 21'

Chamber and Instrumental Music

1) Solo Instrument and Instrument with Piano

Suite for Clarinet and Piano (1949) EBP 10'
Four Pieces for Flute (1954), Leduc, r World Record Club, Arbitrium, (CD); Vestige (CD) 6'
Two Compositions for Violoncello and Piano (Elegy and Burlesque), (1954-55), PA, r SU, FHP-F (CD), Přítomnost (CD) 9'
Sonata for Viola and Piano (1955), CHF, EBP 18'
Rhapsody for Violin and Piano (1956), SHV 11'
Sonata for Flute and Piano (1957), Leduc, r Columbia- CBS Inc., RCA Victor - BMG (CD), Upbeat (CD), Pavane (CD), Cala (CD), Arbitrium (CD), APOLLON Inc. (CD), SUM (CD), Traversieres (CD), 18'
Prelude and Toccata for Piano (1958-59), SHV 6'
Prelude and Toccata for Two Pianos (1960), CHF 6'
Rhapsody for Organ (1963), PA, Schirmer 7'
Suite for Accordion (1965), Hohner, r SU 9'
Concert Piece for Horn and Piano (1965), Leduc 6'
Four Intermezzi for Accordion (1967), Hohner, r Hohner, Eterna 9'
Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano (1969), Schott 10'
Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano (1970), Schott 10'
Concert Suite for Bass Clarinet and Piano (and Percussion Instr. ad lib.),(1971), EM 11'
Sonata for Piano (1972), PA, r PA, Serenus 16'
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (1972), Schott 16'
Contrasts for Flute (1973), Edition Tonger 3'
Sonata for Guitar (1974), PA 15'
Concert Piece for Accordion (1974), Preissler, r PA, Hohner 6'
Suite Rapsodica for Clarinet (1976), Schirmer, now Ed. Tonger 9'
Toccata and Passacaglia for Harp (1976), Schirmer, now Edition Tonger 10'
Elegy for Soprano Saxophone (or Oboe) and Piano (1981), Leduc, r Delos (CD), RIAX (CD) 6'
Sonata for Oboe (or Soprano Saxophone) and Piano (1982), Leduc, r Move , ABC Classics (CD); saxophone version: RIAX Inc.(CD) 16'
Prelude and Fugue for Accordion (1982), Preissler 7'
Concert Music for Viola and Piano (1983), EdS /or version for Quinton and Piano/ (1988) 10'
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1985), PA, r PA 19'
Sonatina for Horn and Piano (1989), PA 8'
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1989-90), Leduc, r Crystal (CD), RIAX (CD); Momonga (CD) 21'
"Partita concertante" for Violoncello (1990), Triga, r PA (CD) 14'
"Introduzione, toccata e fuga" for Flute (1991), Leduc, Vestige (CD) 8'
Suite Rapsodica for Alto Saxophone (1992), Edition Tonger, r RIAX (CD) 9'
American Sonatina for Flute and Piano (1995), Leduc 13'
"Musica capricciosa" for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1998), Billaudot 6'
"Fantasia concertante sul tema della Serenata di Ricardo Drigo per ocarina (ossia: flauto piccolo e alto) e pianoforte" - Ocarina or Flute Piccolo/Alto, (2001), Zimmermann 4'
"Erinnerung an Mozart für Zauberflöte solo" - Flute solo (2001), Zimmermann 3'
"Fantasia - Variazioni su un tema di Leonardo de Lorenzo per flauto solo" - Flute solo (2002), Billaudot, 5'

2) Chamber Ensembles
String Quartet No. 1 (1949) 16'
Wind Quintet No. 1 (1949), CHF 15'
String Quartet No. 2 (1952), CHF 21'
Sonatina for Two Violins (1953), SHV, r SU 15'
Chamber Suite for Nonet (1960), Leduc, r PA 15'
Trio for Violin,Viola and Violoncello (1961),PA, r PA (CD) 13'
Duo for Flute and Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet),(1962), Leduc 11'
String Quartet No. 3 (1962), EM 10'
Trio for Flute, Violin and Violoncello (1963), PA, CD ArcoDiva  11'
Caprices for Wind Quartet and Guitar (1964), PA 09'
String Quartet No. 4 (1965), SHV, r SU, Serenus, PRAGA - CDM HM (CD) 18'
Miniatures for Violin, Guitar and Accordion (1968), Hohner 06'
Wind Quintet No. 2 (1968), EdS, r SU, Serenus 12'
Quintet for Brass Instruments (1970), Leduc r PA, Crystal Records Inc. 14'
Duo for Two Accordions (1970), Hohner, r Hohner 6'
String Quintet (with 2 violas), (1972), PA 19'
Trio for Violin (or Flute), Violoncello and Piano (1972), CHF, EBP, 15'
5 Stylistic Studies for String Quartet, Flute and Harp (1974) 20'
Concert Suite for Percussion Instruments (6 players), (1976), CHF, EBP, r PA 14'
Little Divertimento for Four Horns (1976), PA 05'
"Partita canonica" for 3 Trumpets and 3 Trombones (1977), Baerenreiter 8'
Epigrams for Piccolo Flute, Tuba and Harp (1977), CHF 7'
Serenade for Four Violins (1978), PA 15'
String Quartet No. 5 (1979), PA, r SU 23'
Music for Two Accordions (1979), Trio Forlaget, 10'
Cassation for 9 Flutes (1980), Zimmermann, r PM (CD) 4'
Concert Duo for Two Flutes (1981), Leduc, r TS (CD) 15'
Saxophone Quartet (1981), Leduc, r QJYF (CD), Calliope (CD) 26'
Introduction and Allegro for Accordion and Percussion (1 player), (1983), Preissler, r CM (CD) 12'
Quartettino for Recorder Quartet (1985), Tonger, r SA (CD), Takt Records (CD), 6'
"Laus Cantus" for Soprano Voice and String Quartet (1985), PA 11'
Sonatina for Flute and Harp (1986), Leduc 13'
"Concerto da camera" for Two String Quartets (1987), CHF 24'
Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon (1987), PA r PA 13'
Duo for Violin and Violoncello (or Viola), (1989), Triga, r PA (CD) 14'
Concerto for Saxophone, Two Pianos and Percussion (2 players), (1992) Billaudot 24'
Cassation for Eight Horns (1993) PA, r Classicprint, (CD) 6'
String Quartet No. 6 (1993) EdS, r PA (CD) 27'
"Trio giocoso" for Clarinet (or Alto Saxophone), Bassoon and Piano (1994), Billaudot, r MMC 12'
"Quintetto capriccioso" for Flute, Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Harp (1995), Leduc 18'
Divertimento for Flute and Guitar (1996), Edition Tonger 15'
Quintet for Saxophone (or Clarinet) and String Quartet (1999), Billaudot 17'
"Flautarchia" - Music for Flute and String Quartet  (2000), Leduc 12'
Nocturne for Flute, Violin, Viola and Violoncello  (2002), Billaudot, CD Association Jean-Pierre Rampal  10'

Instructive and Small Instrumental Pieces
Suite of Seven Small Pieces for Violin and Piano (1955), SHV 10'
Canonic Duet for Two Violins (1960), SHV 2'
Instructive Suite for Clarinet and Piano (1960),SHV 5'
Merry Intermezzo for Three Violins (1962), SHV 1'
Intermezzo for Trumpet and Piano (1963), Leduc 3'
Burlesque for Oboe and Piano (1964), Leduc 2'
Scherzino for Clarinet and Piano (1964),Leduc 2'
Suite in Miniature for 3 Violins, Violoncello (ad lib.) and Piano (1964), SHV 4'
Three Pieces for Oboe (or Flute, or Clarinet) and Piano (1966), SHV, Schirmer 6'
Two Partitas for 2 o 3 Recorders (or Flutes, or Oboes), (1971), PA 9'
Two-Part Partita for Accordion (1972), Hohner 6'
Little Chamber Music for a Wind Instrument, Violin, Violoncello and Piano (1973), CHF 8'
Little Caprice for Flute and Piano (1974), Leduc 2'
Barbaric Dance for Guitar (1974), Schirmer, now Tonger 3'
Little Divertimento for 3 Flutes (1974), Leduc 5'
Little Sonatina for Viola and Piano (1974), EdS 4'
Two Dances for Flute and Guitar (1975), Leduc, r Barking Dog (CD) 7'
5 Inventions for Two Flutes (1975), Leduc 7'
Little Preludio for Accordion (1977), SEMI 2'
"Moment musical" for Accordion (1979), SEMI, 2'
Toys - Three Little Pieces for Accordion /1980), EdS 3'
10 Pieces for Two Guitars (1986), PA 14'
"Tre pezzi" for Saxophone (Soprano or Tenor, Alto or Baritone) and Piano (1989), Tonger 6'
Partita for Three Saxophones (2Altos and Tenor), (1990), Edition Tonger 6'
Playthings - Ten Little Pieces for Accordion (1997), Jung 10'
"Vivat musica!" Cassation for Recorder Ensemble (1998), Edition Tonger 2'
Little Sonatina for Violin and Piano (2003), Billaudot 4'

Vocal Music
The War, a Cycle for Male Chorus, words by F. Sramek (1954), 8'
Nine Ditties to the Children for Voice and Piano, words by F. Halas and J. Kainar (1958,1964), SHV, r SU (selection) 9'
Songs of Animals for Children's Choir and Piano, words by F. Hrubin (1965), SHV 6'
Three Inventions for Mixed Chorus (1966), Barenreiter (for USA Boonin) r PA 7'
Spring in the Village, a Cycle of Children's Songs on Czech Folk-Poetry, with piano accompaniment (1973), EFO 10'
Nonsense Rhymes for Women's Chorus and Small Instrumental Ensemble, or Piano, on Czech Folk-Poetry, English text Jane May (1973), CHF, Schirmer 6'
Little Polyphonies on Czech Folk-Texts and - Tunes for Children's Chorus and Piano (1974) 12'
Ditties of 12 Months, a Cycle for Chilren's Chorus and Soli, with accompaniment of piano, flute and 2 trumpets, or with orchestra, Czech words Vaclav Ctvrtek (1977) 17'
"Gloria Cantus", Mixed Chorus on Latin text (1984), Tonger 3'
Nonsense Rhymes for Mixed Chorus, on Czech Folk-Poetry (1985) 5'
Fables for Children's Choir, Piano and Recorder, words by Vladimir Sefl (1986), 10'
Chinese Folk Songs for Soprano Voice and String Quartet (Chinese words), (1987) 8'
Zoological Garden. Epigrams for Children's Choir and Piano, words by Vladimir Sefl (1987) 9'
Merry Tales for Children's Choir (or Solo Voice), Piano, Double Bass and Percussion, words by Vaclav Fischer (1990) 11'
Two Lullabies for Children's Choir, Recorder and Piano, words by Vaclav Fischer, (White Lullaby, Lullaby for a Little Devil), (2003) 5'

Stage Works
"The Postman's Tale",a Children's Opera on a subject by K. Capek (1956), DILIA 60'

Arrangements, Transcriptions etc.
50 Folk Songs and Carols for Two Violins (1964), PA
Christmas Carols for Two Violins (1967), EdS
"Marche militaire de Francois SCHUBERT", Paraphrase for Four Flutes (1978), Zimmermann 2'
Cadenza to the Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra by Arthur HONEGGER(1984), Salabert 2'
B. MARTINU - J.FELD: 7 Arabesques for Clarinet (or Flute), Piano and Percussion (1 player), (1987), Salabert 18'
PAUL DUKAS - J. FELD: Ouverture of the King Lear, after Shakespeare, for Symphony Orchestra (reconstruction of the score 1993), CDM-Les Editions du Chant du Monde, 18'