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Czech Music Information Centre
Besední 3, 118 00 Praha 1  mapa 

Tel: office, archive - 257 312 422, GSM - 724 150 109
E-mail: bakla@musica.cz, his@musica.cz


The Czech Music Information Centre provides information about Czech musical project and events, and promotes contemporary Czech music both at home and abroad.

The Czech Music Information Centre gathers documentation pertaining to Czech contemporary composers, musicians and events, maintains an archive of sheet music and recordings, mediates information about Czech musical life, holds lectures and classes, organises concerts and the Contempuls festival, sells CDs and issues publications (see below).

Financing sources 
The Czech Music Information Centre provides its services owing to grants from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, the Czech Music Fund and other public sources. 

1. Czech Music Quarterly – a quarterly in English.
2. HIS Voice – a bimonthly in Czech, since 2015 only in an online version.
3. Composer Portraits – a series of CDs with Czech composers’ profiles.

Documentation and archive
The Czech Music Information Centre’s public archive possesses the largest collection of scores of works by Czech composers, most of them dating from 1945 up to the present time. It also contains CDs, LPs and audio tapes with music by contemporary Czech composers, books, magazines and copies of articles. The Centre is in close contact with libraries, publishers and festival organisers in the Czech Republic, and provides comprehensive information about Czech classical music. It cultivates a multimedia online database of Czech composers at the address www.musicbase.cz. The Czech Music Information Centre website also encompasses lists of the deaths of composers, a summary of anniversaries, a digest of competitions and training courses, news and other information.

Employees and collaborators   

Petr Bakla - Director
Monika Havlová - Manager
Petr Ferenc - Editor in chief, HIS Voice
Matěj Kratochvíl - Editor, HIS Voice
Petr Bakla - Editor in chief, Czech Music Quarterly
Ondřej Čihák - Database Administrator 

Annual report HIS 2014


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