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Kadeřábkova čínská inspirace v Šanghaji

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Jiří Kadeřábek - Remote Heart I & II (2017)    
The impulse for composition came from reading the old Chinese poem Drinking Wine by Tao Yuan-ming. Resulting diptych Remote Heart is, however, not just humbly inspired by that poem. Instead, both pieces try to illustrate the poem's theme of rural life and to adopt the idea of "house" as a central metaphor for self as well as universe. They also want to explore poem's empty spaces, to fill them in and maybe even to answer the questions. Those tasks are to be fulfilled by microtonal and yet simple melodies, by harmonically and rhythmically complex but static areas, by contrasts and tensions between the two pieces as well as within each of them and finally, by open sections where only music material, certain rules as well as duration are determined and the rest is left up to the players and the conductor. All music of Remote Heart is based on a tone foundation, racionally as well as spontaneously organized, and it is nothing else but Chinese traditional music where it has its remote heart.